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Education Empowerment Grant

Dare 2 Care International / Education Empowerment Grant

Education Empowerment Grant Recipients



Blessing (Cameroon):

Blessing is a smart young lady who, along with her 4 siblings, lost both parents. She lives with her aunt in Limbe, Cameroon who is a farmer and also has 3 of her own children. With the the loss of her parents, the family is struggling. The Dare 2 Care Education Empowerment Grant provides Blessing the opportunity to study the arts & sciences. She likes to high jump and wants to be a designer when she grows up. 

Lionnie (Cameroon):

Lionnie’s has 4 siblings and her family is economically challenged and can not afford for Lionnie to continue her education. She lives with 9 family members in a 2-room home with no running water or electricity.The Dare 2 Care Education Empowerment Grant provides Lionnie the opportunity to study the arts. Her 3 favorite subjects in school are economics, English Language and Geography. When Lionnie grows up, she would like to be a teacher. 



Edgar (Guatemala)

Edgar is a teenager who lives with his parents and sister in Guatemala City, Guatemala.. His father works fixing cars on the street in front of his house and does not have a formal income. His mother was working but now she is ill and in treatment for a chronic disease and has been in and out of the hospital. The family lives in a rented room built of adobe walls, tin roof and cement floor. They do not have plumbing or electricity. Edgar is a very good student and is a member of the student council. He also likes music and plays the xylophone. Edgar has the opportunity of receiving an education through Safe Passage and the Dare 2 Care International Education Empowerment Grant. 



Francisco (Ecuador)

Francisco is a happy and playful young boy who loves jumping on the trampoline and swimming in the therapy pool. He is a bit shy when he first meets someone, but soon opens up and is very social! He loved asking questions and talking about lots of different topics and wants to be a firefighter when he grows up. The Dare to Care International Education Empowerment Grant provides Francisco an opportunity to stay in school and receive the therapy he needs within the orphanage. 

Genesis (Ecuador)

Genesis is a sweet girl who loves playing with her baby dolls, dancing, and listening to music. She also loves helping her tías (caregivers) around the home. Génesis can be very reserved and shy when you first meet her and warms up in time. Genesis wants to be a tía (caregiver) when she grows up. The Dare 2 Care International Education Empowerment Grant gives Genesis an opportunity to develop gross and fine motor skills through play.