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Dare 2 Care World
Cameroon, Africa
Dare 2 Care International partners with Rising Hope Foundation for Change, The Shoe That Grows, Grace of God’s Philanthropic Foundation Orphanage, Rhema Grace Orphanage, and several schools in Cameroon, Africa to empower children to reach their full potential through education, providing the basic needs and improving health conditions. Two children have been chosen to receive the Education Empowerment Grant in Cameroon, Africa.
Guatemala City, Guatemala
Dare 2 Care International partners with Kirtland Local School District, The Shoe That Grows, Safe Passage, Jardin de Amor, and Case Western Reserve University to empower children around the world through decreasing soil transmitted diseases, providing Education Empowerment Grants, and connecting students around the world.
Tanzania, Africa
Dare 2 Care International partners with The Shoe That Grows and Msamaria Center for Street Children to decrease soil transmitted diseases.
Nigeria, Africa
Project Newborn Nigeria: Dare 2 Care International and Young Mothers Empowerment Network (YouMEN) are working together to provide newborn kits to young mothers and their babies in Nigeria, Africa.
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